Thursday, September 29, 2005

Weekend of October 1st -2nd

Saturday October 1st Carwash: 8:00 am to11:00 am
This service project will be with the Friends, Skillman's young adults. All of us will be washing cars to help Dana Anders raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Dana is one of our young adults. She is running in a marathon with several thousand people to rasie money for this cause.

Sunday Morning Bible Class at 9:00 am
Charme Robarts and a group of leaders are teaching and discussing "How the Lord's Prayer Can Get Us Through Life".

Sunday Night Sand Volleyball at 4:30 pm
The weather will be awesome this weekend when we hit the sand for volleyball. Dinner is being provided by the Blessings Class -grilled hot dogs. We are playing at the Campbell Green Recreation Center located at 16600 Park Hill (Campbell and Hillcrest). The van leaves at 4:30 pm and arrives back at the building at 7:30 pm. Danny and Martha Horan and Alan and Bonny Green are sponsors for this event.


Blogger The Future said...

Great carwash!!

It was a pleasure working and sweating (and getting wet) with all of you!

8:59 AM  
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