Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jesus and our identity

Last Wednesday night we talked about loneliness. What makes people lonely? What makes you and me lonely? How do we deal with loneliness and do we look to God during these times?

We looked at Jesus’ healing of the man with leprosy. We decided that Jesus did and was three things for this person. He was his Savior. Jesus saved him from the perils of a disease that rots the physical body. He was freedom to the ill man. He released from the prison of the outcasts of society. Jesus was his healer. He healed his body and even deeper he healed his spirit.

We decided that we can take on the identity of Jesus in our lives this week by emulating Jesus in this situation. As Jesus laid his hands on a man who was “untouchable” so we can lay hands on those who are considered untouchable in our world. This kind of laying on of hands brings freedom from being a social outcast. We decided that praying over someone is a way to bring healing. Not only from physical sickness but spiritual or emotional as well. We also concluded that listening is one way to bring freedom. We decided that being heard is somehow a saving event for a hurting heart.

I wanted to rethink these with you. Have you done any of these this week?

Of course we realize that any of the three –listening, laying hands, and praying over someone bring healing, freedom, and saving in some form.

See you tomorrow night.



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