Tuesday, September 20, 2005

2006 Summer Calendar Meeting: Update

Thank you for the great turn out and support for our gathering of the minds this past Sunday evening. Dwight, Charme and I are pleased with the ministry's enthusiam which includes a willingness to participate from both students and parents.

Thank you for the things you are doing and what you are commited to do in the future.

One thing to note about the meeting. A committee has been formed that is investigating our plans for summer camp. It had been decided that we would no longer use Texoma Youth Camp. Bill Minick spoke from the heart to our group. Many willing hands were raised in support of working make to TYC a reality for the next few years. This group decided to take a couple of weeks to make a decision about whether or not Skillman can make Texoma happen.

If you have not received a calendar please contact Nathan at 214-823-2179 or ymminister@skillmanchurch.org and request a copy be sent to your home.